PliantDb User's Guide

PliantDb is an ACID-compliant, document-database written in Rust. It takes heavy inspiration from CouchDB, but makes no efforts to be compatible with CouchDB. Its goal is to be a general-purpose database that aims to simplify development and deployment by providing reliable building blocks that are lightweight enough for hobby projects running with minimal resources, but scalable for when your hobby project becomes a deployed product.

This user's guide aims to provide a guided walkthrough for users to understand how PliantDb works. This guide is meant to be supplemental to the documentation. If you learn best by exploring examples, many are available in pliantdb/examples. If, however, you learn best by taking a guided tour of how something works, this guide is specifically for you.

If you have any feedback on this guide, please file an issue, and we will try to address any issues or shortcomings.

Thank you for exploring PliantDb.